Welcome to my small blog about Formula 1


A few years ago Tyres2u (NE) Ltd where asked to fit some tyres for a local Super Car company called Vittesse super cars ran by a local family. we gladly obliged when asked to fit 4 tyres on an Aston Martin GT4 (road legal 1 of 2) a very rare car indeed but we fitted the customers yokohama tyres they had bought direct from Aston Martin. Karl then phoned me months later for 2 new bridgestone tyres for a Ferrari California rear wheels, again we went the extra mile after Ferrari dealers could not get the tyres. We found through our many suppliers 2 tyres in Portugal and had them shipped over after finding out these could be possibly the last 2 before Bridgestone made more of the same size. After the snow had cleared we fitted the tyres and it was then that we found out who Karl was and to my amazement being a crazy F1 fan he is Graeme Lowdons brother in law (Marussia F1 Team)

I got to know the team gradually through social media (Twitter) and eventually met most of them at Silverstone in 2011. Camping with the team and getting to know a few of them was a dream come true for me. The team really did look after me and even invited me to the factory for a visit which was again a dream come true to actually do a simulated pitstop wheel change on the year 2010 car.

With being such a big fan all of this was amazing, Karl still keeps in touch but im still to meet Graeme Lowdon. F1 is a sport I love but this passion runs through into my business and my love for cars and a passion for doing a job to my highest standards every time makes me feel im a little part of F1 myself. We are the only Mobile Tyre Fitting company that are trained to Advanced city & guilds standards in car, truck and agricultural across the North East. Don’t forget we cover Hexham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham and surrounding areas too. I do hope you enjoyed reading my little insight into part of how we work and the standards we work at, if a the sporting director of a formula 1 team can trust me with his cars then anyone can. Your car is always treated as I treat my own car with great care.